Saltimbocca alla romana – a special recipe made with veal cutlets

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Saltimbocca are very easy to prepare! They are tasty and everybody loves them!

There is a double version of the original recipe (and an opinion fight between the 2 ways of cooking them!). somebody puts flour on the meat, somebody doesn’t.

I usually put flour… So:

• 8 small veal cutlets

• 8 slices raw ham

• 8 sage leaves

• White wine

• Salt

• Pepper

• Butter

• Flour??

As I told you, I usually put flour on the meat (to have a more creamy sauce), but if you don’t it’s ok. Second step: I fix on each cutlet (with a toothpick) a slice of ham and a sage leaf.

Then I melt a small piece of butter on the pan, I add the saltimbocca and while I stir-fry them I add some white wine.

Put salt and pepper and serve them.

I love them and I’m sure you’ll love them too.

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