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In a previous post I told you about fact that some people think we all know each other. Now I have an even funnier experience to share with you.

The best scene happened in a bus in London:

Stranger – “where are you from?”
Me – “Italy”
S – “where in Italy?”
M – “close to Venice”
S – “do you usually meet the Pope?”
M – “no, I mean… he usually doesn’t go around like a normal citizen, and second of all he’s in Vatican state, in Rome, and I live more than 500 km far from him”
S – “but if you don’t know him, can you at least see him from your window?”

I looked astonished, and luckily it was my stop and I could exit from the bus before I started laughing. How can I see him from my window? 500 km!!!!!! Not even a Marvel superhero can do that!!!! I won’t comment this any further. I still laugh every time I think about it!

And when I tell you I can’t see the Pope from my window, I’m not saying that to take care of the Pope’s privacy, I really can’t see him! You can believe me.

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