Canned sauces and other ready dishes.

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I saw many canned Italian sauces. Many of them are not even close to the ingredients we use.

For instance, it’s not possible to find canned carbonara. How could you? It would mean putting in a jar or can some eggs and pecorino…with some fried bacon. It wouldn’t be very safe for health and the bacon would lose its consistency remaining for a longtime in the sauce. The sauce I saw, had really nothing of the required ingredients. It was something with cream, cheese…similar things. I felt disgusted as soon as I saw the jar. I taught you the ingredients of real carbonara, so beware of disgusting imitations!!!!

In Italy we have canned sauces but they are used just by people that really can’t cook. Their taste is completely different from the fresh made ones. They don’t really look the same taste.

As you can see, most pasta sauces are not that difficult to prepare, and when you prepare homemade dishes you have the full control of the quality of the ingredients you use, avoiding preservatives or other substances often added to the sauces by producers.
Moreover…the satisfaction of cooking your own supper and sharing it with some delighted guests is priceless! Mmmmh….it sounds like MasterCard commercial, but it’s true!

During the editing of this blog, I’ll also look for false Italian products sold in your countries and I will specifically tell you which is the trick in them. I’m sure we’ll have a great fun together!

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