Commonplace: some people think we all know each-other!

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This commonplace is not linked to food, but it’s very funny. It’s not widely diffused as the garlic one, but it happened to me several times to deal with it when I was abroad.

There is a peculiar category of people that has a strange conception of my country. Maybe that’s TV’s fault!
I must share those funny experiences it with you. I think you’ll laugh as much as I did!

In some places of the world, there are people that think that all Italians are friends, that we all know each other and we are all kind of neighbors.
Italy is 1.300 km long and we are almost 60.000.000 inhabitants here.

I noticed that because more than once it happened that, when I said I was Italian, the answer was: “oh Italian! Do you know Giovanni?”, “I met one person called Giuseppe, you should be his friend”, “cool! Greet me Lisa when you meet her”.
wait a minute….do you think that there is just only one Giovanni in Italy? And why do you think that I must be a friend of Giuseppe? How can I greet you Lisa? Who are them????

We are more than 60 million inhabitants! The point is…when these few strange people make me these questions, first thing I do is laughing, thinking it’s a joke, than I see from their face that they are quite serious. They are also very sorry that I’m not willing to great them their dear friend. Obviously I would if I could!

We are not all neighbors! And we don’t all know Giovanni.

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