Commonplace: chicken parmigiana

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I have another surprise for you, my friends. In Italy, chicken parmigiana doesn’t exist!!!! It’s not an Italian dish!

I must say that I ate it at a Canadian friend’s home and it was really nice and enjoyable. I asked him the recipe and I cooked it for my friends too. Everybody liked it, but it’s something that comes from a non-Italian tradition.

I see it constantly on tv in the menu of every Italian restaurant of Mystery Diners, Kitchen Nightmares…. but no way. I don’t know why Gordon Ramsay didn’t tell the chefs the truth about chicken parmigiana. I’m sure he knows it!!!

The only real parmigiana is the one with aubergines. Sometimes we make a variation (very untraditional) made with zucchini instead of aubergines, but we’d never use chicken.

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