Commonplace: panettone and pandoro

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When I travel, anywhere in the world I find in supermarkets and delis panettone and pandoro sold all year long, as if they were a typical Italian all-year-long cake.

I went to France for a student exchange in June some (more than some 😀 ) years ago, and they gave me panettone for breakfast. I went for the same reason in Austria in autumn, and I found panettone as an after-dinner cake.

The families that hosted me were very kind! They made me find panettone to make me feel at home! I really appreciated it but they couldn’t imagine for me it was quite wacky!
Yes!! Wacky! We eat panettone and pandoro just during Christmas period. During the rest of the year it’s almost off-limits!

For us, when you see panettone or pandoro commercials on TV, it means it’s almost Christmas time, so it’s time to plan dinners and presents.
After the 5th January we suddenly become fed up with them, they go on sale and we are ready for other traditional cakes, linked to other festivities.

In my area, as carnival cakes we have pinza, crostoli and fritoe (frittelle). After carnival there is Easter with colomba and fugassa! After Christmas we forget about panettone and we focus on these other cakes 🙂 All delicious 🤤!

I will give you some recipes in the future!

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