This paper wants to share some italian recipes. Nothing’s Italian there!!!!

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Look at this!! 3 easy Italian recipes to make at home. I’m reading the webpage and I can’t find any!

I’ll pass quickly through the first two recipes, without pointing out too many things because the third one is sooooooooo bad that I’ll need to spend more time there.

CARPACCIO – who in Italy would mix milk foam with fish????? no way. Milk and fish aren’t a match!

TORTELLINI – why using the dehydrate beet and spinach? and why using truffle oil? truffle oil is for tourists!!!!!!! we use grated truffle! Truffle oil is diffused in Italian restaurants abroad, but in Italy it’s considered a very poor (in terms of quality) ingredient. If the problem is the cost of the truffle, you can find some black ones that are not very expensive.

TIRAMISU’ deserves its own paragraph! you know how much I love tiramisù!


That’s the painful part! Why do these people call this cake tiramisù? who would use amaretti in an authentic tiramisù? Maybe a drunk chef!

It’s insane calling it tiramisù and using liqueur in it!

And why using bloody beet and spinach too???? Mate, who gave you the authorization to sell this recipe as Italian tiramisù?

Luckily I didn’t read anything about egg whites, that can’t be used in a traditional tiramisù.

If you want to learn the real tiramisù recipe, read this! this is the original recipe from Treviso, where tiramisù was born!

And if you want to teach somebody to prepare it, please, don’t spread that completly wrong recipe you are sharing in your list of Italian (??) recipes! If you want to share your own recipe, don’t call it tiramisù! That’s the deal!

I don’t have the habit of giving people my curry chicken recipe saying it’s the Indian curry. It’s just my curry chicken. If I want to cook Indian food, I get an authentic Indian recipe and prepare it. That’s what would be appropriate also for Italian food.

Yes! It’s true! We get mad when people call Italian food what’s not! I KNOW! If you had any doubt it was a prejudice against Italians, it’s not! it’s true! We easyly get pissed off when people mistreat our food! 😀

Note: Obviously, my posts haven’t any intention of offending anybody or of criticizing the goodness, quality and tastes of any dish or recipe. What I write is just a personal consideration concerning the adherence of the recipe to the Italian ones, considering local habits, usages and traditions. The mood of the blog can be ironic and sometimes sarcastic, but with no aim of disappointing anybody. If somebody feels offended or struck by my words, please don’t. Moreover feel free to write me and explain your point of view (public channels like this blog are best welcome). It would be a pleasure for me. My intention is a constructive and sincere exchange of opinions.

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4 thoughts on “This paper wants to share some italian recipes. Nothing’s Italian there!!!!

    1. Hello! sorry for the delay but I had some technical problems and couldn’t connect to the blog for a while!
      Basically it depends on the occasion, if it’s lunch or dinner, and on the region. If you tell me something more I can give you some targeted suggestions!
      It can be a lasagna, a particular pasta, some roast meats, fish…

  1. Very good info. Lucky me I recently found your site by accident (stumbleupon).
    I’ve saved as a favorite for later!

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