Commonplace: throwing pasta against something to check if it’s ready

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I’ve always asked myself: why do people in the movies throw pasta against the wall to check if it’s cooked? If they stick they are cooked according to the common thinking abroad.

Why do these people torture those poor spaghetti???? What did they do to be treated like that?????

Please, forget about it! It’s a lie! It doesn’t work. If sometimes it happens, it’s just luck. It’s surely a choreography created a long time ago somewhere out of Italy to give a more spectacular idea of Italian cooks. Maybe it was some so-called “Italian chef” to attract customers!

For instance, in the picture I put in this post, I can see from the color of spaghetti that they are overcooked! The practice of an Italian addicted to cooking, makes me visually understand many details about pasta!

Let me teach you the real way of checking if pasta’s ok: TASTE IT! It’s simple. Considering that in Italy we like pasta “al dente”, we start tasting it a few time before the timing written on the packaging.

If you need to sauté pasta, drain it a little bit sooner, otherwise it will overcook!

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