CARBONARA: commonplaces and big mistakes

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Carbonara is one of the most mistreated recipes ever! Really! It really makes us Italians suffer a lot!

First of all, here is a short list of some things YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO!! Don’t put onion! Don’t put garlic! Don’t put parsley, basil or other spices. Don’t cook the egg separately! Don’t spoil one of the nicest foods ever! 

Also using egg noodles wouldn’t be good! The egg is already present in the sauce! 

If you want a real carbonara, don’t add anything else to the list of ingredients I gave you in my post!! PLEASE!!!! The variation you can do is just pancetta (bacon) instead of jawl, but if you don’t find the jawl! 

If you don’t remember, this is the original recipe:

For instance, Buddy the Cake Boss says he’s Italian, but there are some ingredients that shouldn’t be there at all!!!!!!

The fat part of the sauce is given by oil and jawl. You don’t need cream. Carbonara sauce isn’t cooked directly on fire. It’s just mixed with very hot pasta, so it remains smoot. If you cook it, it will become scrambled eggs! Cream is useless. It just makes it fatter. Also peas are undesired guests.  

It’s not just Buddy that uses peas. I saw them also in some restaurants in NY. Who knows who spread this false voice about peas in Carbonara… 

Jamie Oliver, another very famous chef, puts garlic in his Carbonara. GARLIC????????? GARLIC???????????????????????????????????? Garlic is Carbonara worst enemy! Remember it! An Italian would never ever do that!

This lady, together with garlic adds some butter too:

And who dares – I repeat: WHO DARES!!! – to prepare a disgusting carbonara with wrong ingredients, making a nest with spaghetti and adding the egg yolk in the middle of the nest? are you a birdwatcher? an ornithologist???? Please don’t! And don’t deny this! Look! Look at that:

That’s not carbonara! That’s crap!

Do we get mad when we see these disgusting misinterpretations? Yes! I’m proud of being part of these people going mad when we see offensive versions of our recipes!

Late Mr Carluccio prepared Carbonara as it should be!! He’s popular in the UK and he deserves his notoriety. He was an Italian abroad, respectful of Italian traditions. Look at his carbonara and learn!

Sooner or later I’ll show you some ready carbonara sauces that are really creepy! I promise! 

Note: Obviously, my posts haven’t any intention of offending anybody or of criticizing the goodness, quality and tastes of any dish or recipe. What I write is just a personal consideration concerning the adherence of the recipe to the Italian ones, considering local habits, usages and traditions. The mood of the blog can be ironic and sometimes sarcastic, but with no aim of disappointing anybody. If somebody feels offended or struck by my words, please don’t. Moreover feel free to write me and explain your point of view (public channels like this blog are best welcome). It would be a pleasure for me. My intention is a constructive and sincere exchange of opinions.

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4 thoughts on “CARBONARA: commonplaces and big mistakes

  1. I suppose you will also argue whether a whole egg should be used or just the yolk! Good luck …

    1. for what concerns this topic, there are 2 different points of view, there is not a single correct version. I must confess that, sometimes, I make it halfway: some whole eggs and some yalks. the most important thing is using high quality eggs and avoid cooking them in the pan otherwise the dish becames pasta with scrumbled eggs 🙂

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