Gnocchi – delicious potato dumplings

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Gnocchi are one of my favorite dishes. I saw that sometimes they are called dumplings in English.
I cooked them also on Sunday. They are the perfect weekend lunch for cold days!


Gnocchi are very simple to do. You just need:

– 1 kg potatoes
– 1 egg
– 250/300 g flour
– Salt

Boil the potatoes until soft. Drain them trying to avoid that they keep water (I usually cook them in the microwave to avoid it).
Mash them into a bowl and add salt.
Let them cool. If you put the flour while they’re still warm they’ll become sticky and difficult to handle.
When potatoes are cold, add the beaten egg, the flour and knead everything. Be careful: if you put too much flour they’ll become horrible when you cook them. That’s why it’s very important having potatoes that are not too watery.
Put some flour on a board (a cutting board if you have, or a marble top). Then, take some mixture and create with the hands a roll. Cut the roll into pieces.
If you want to prepare more extraordinary gnocchi, take each one of them and roll them on a fork or on a grater, to create a surface that perfectly absorbs the sauce.

Boil some water with salt.
When it’s boiling, put the gnocchi in the water. When they start floating, they are cooked. Pick them up and drain them with a skimmer, so you can pick up just the cooked ones.
Serve them very warm with your favorite sauce. For me, the top is gnocchi with ragù!

If you want to prepare some extra ones and freeze them, my suggestion is freezing them already boiled.
Be careful because if you freeze them without cooking them first, the risk is that they will melt.
Even if they are already cooked, put the freezed gnocchi in boiling water and cook them again before putting the sauce and serving.

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5 thoughts on “Gnocchi – delicious potato dumplings

  1. Gnocchi look great! I have some friends for dinner on Thursday and I’ll experiment. Which dressings do you suggests?

    1. Hello Nina! I would put some ragù on! It’s the best matching in my opinion. you can find the recipe in the blog. You can do also ragù with some bush meat! Another nice sauce is sauté of zucchini and smoked salmon or sausage. You can cook a tomato sauce with some leaves of fresh basil. Another alternative is also speck, nuts and cream. Also gnocchi with pesto alla genovese are very nice! Let me know how you’ll do them! Whatever you chose, your friends will be very happy!!!! 🙂

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