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In Japan, for a limited time (and I say luckily), McDonald’s will sell Carbonara fries.


I link you also to the official page:


WHAAAAAAAT??????? This news arrived here in Italy in these days and Italians are quite outraged!
How can you do carbonara fries? But – most important – why do you call this sauce carbonara?
It’s made with bacon, milk and 3 kinds of cheeses.
If you well remember carbonara has completely different ingredients. (see https://www.mylittleitaly.it/2018/10/14/spaghetti-alla-carbonara/ )

If you don’t put eggs you can’t call it carbonara and, what kind of cheeses? And milk doesn’t match!

These fries can be tasty and nice, considering fast food parameters, but was it necessary to abuse the name of an Italian tradition of which Italians are so proud?

This news made me want to make some more researches and I discovered that it’s not really a news. Look at this:


Morrisons proposed these fries, for instance. Taste of America Dirty Carbonara Fries are topped with bacon lardons, regato cheese and a sprig of parsley, nothing that belongs to the original recipe. They called this dish carbonara improperly but at least they added also “taste of America”, avoiding any reference to Italy except for the name carbonara.

Note: Obviously my posts haven’t any intention of offending anybody or of criticizing the goodness, quality and tastes of any dish or recipe. What I write is just a personal consideration concerning the adherence of recipes to the Italian ones, considering local habits, usages and traditions. The mood of the blog can be ironic and sometimes sarcastic, but with no aim of disappointing anybody. If somebody feels offended or struck by my words, please don’t. Moreover feel free to write me and explain your point of view (public channels like this blog are best welcome). It would be a pleasure for me. My intention is a constructive and sincere exchange of opinions.

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